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Indonesia's Glycerol (Glycerine) Export Data of 2015

Indonesia recorded a major decline in the export value of crude glycerol or glycerine in the financial year 2015-16. The total value of the product in the said period stood at USD 34881000. And in 2014, the export value of glycerol or glycerine was USD 76636000. The trade value and figure of this product declined more than a half in last year as compare to the previous year. These glycerol export data of Indonesia for the year 2015 have been revealed by Export Genius, a leading market research agency from India. Export Genius totally engaged in processing genuine trade statistics of more than 50 countries. Get the complete Indonesia export statistics of glycerine right here.

Access Indonesia export report of glycerol (glycerine) in value, quantity and share in value during financial year 2015-16 with comparison to previous 4 years right here…

     ->     Exported Value of Glycerol (Glycerine) in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 :-

Indonesia recorded a major decline in the export value of glycerol in the financial year 2015-16. According to glycerol export data of Indonesia, the country recorded more than a half decline in the value during same period as compared to the previous year. Here is the export value of glycerol of last 5 years.

Exported Value in 2011 (USD’000)
Exported Value in 2012 (USD’000)
Exported Value in 2013 (USD’000)
Exported Value in 2014 (USD’000)
Exported Value in 2015 (USD’000)

     ->     Quantity of Glycerol (Glycerine) Exported between 2011 and 2014 by Indonesia :-

As far as quantity of glycerol is concerned, Indonesia exported 168317 tons of glycerine in 2015 as compared to 2014’s 318948 tons. See the chart below to get the exported quantity of this product during last five years along with the Indonesia export data of glycerol.

2011 Exported Quantity Tons
2012 Exported Quantity Tons
2013 Exported Quantity Tons
2014 Exported Quantity Tons
2015 Exported Quantity Tons

     ->     Share in Value of Glycerol (Glycerine) to Indonesia Total Exports during 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 :-

According to the glycerol export data of Indonesia, the country registered a fluctuation in the share in value of this product in the last 5 years. See the chart below to get the share in value of this product in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

2011 Share in Value, %
2012 Share in Value, %
2013 Share in Value, %
2014 Share in Value, %
2015 Share in Value, %

     ->     Top 5 Country Importers of Glycerol (Glycerine) from Indonesia in 2015 :-

China remained on top as an Indonesia importer country of glycerol (glycerine) in 2015. India was 3rd largest importer country of this product. According to the Indonesia export data of glycerol, the country did the business of glycerine with China worth USD 19574000 in the year 2015. To get the full trade figures of 5 top importer countries to which Indonesia exported glycerine the most in year 2015, see the chart right below.

These Indonesia export statistics of glycerol has been revealed by Export Genius, a leading market research company. We collect export report from Indonesian customs and verify the trade figures before delivering it to our clients. We completely assure our esteemed customers that we only provide the most accurate glycerine export data of Indonesia. We also provide foreign trade data based on accurate shipping records of other countries and products as well. 

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UK Import Data and Trade Records from United Kingdom Customs

The United Kingdom stood as the 5th largest importer country of total products in the financial year 2015-16. The country imported cars that come under chapter 87 the most in this period. As per the UK import data that has been collected from the UK customs, the largest import partner of the country was Germany in year 2015. This trade data of UK imports has been revealed by Export Genius, a perfect source for import-export data. Here are the complete import statistics along with the historical data of the United Kingdom during 2001-2015.

Highest Trade Value of Total United Kingdom Imports Recorded in Year 2011: USD 717606233000

Last Year Trade Value of Total UK Imports: USD 629228889000

UK Imported Cars the Most in Year 2015: USD 48691536000

List of Top 10 UK Imports of 2015: Vehicles Other Than Railway, Tramway (12.41%); Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc. (12.32%); Electrical, Electronic Equipment (9.58%); Mineral Fuels, Oils, Distillation Products, etc. (8.09%); Pharmaceutical Products (5.35%); Pearls, Precious Stones, Metals, Coins, etc. (5.1%); Optical, Photo, Technical, Medical, etc. (2.91%); Plastics and Articles (2.84%); Aircraft, Spacecraft, and Parts (2.52%) and Articles of Apparel, Accessories, Knit or Crochet (2.12%) these record based on UK import data of 2015.

List of Top 10 Exporter Countries from which UK Imported Products the Most in 2015: Germany (15%); China (10%); United States of America (9.2%); Netherlands (7.5%); France (6.1%); Belgium (5%): Italy (4%); Spain (3.4%); Ireland (3%) and Norway (3%).

The United Kingdom recorded a decline in the trade value of total imports in the year 2015. If we look at the customs data of UK imports during 2001-2015, the country registered a rise in the import value of products till 2008. After seeing a decline in year 2009, the import value of products started increasing and continued to rise till the year 2011. Thereafter, UK saw a decline in import products in 2012 & 2013. After seeing a rise in value of UK imports in 2014, the country experienced a decline in the import value of total products in the last year. Let’s have the UK import figures through this chart and table.

Import Value 2001 (USD’000)
Import Value 2002 (USD’000)
Import Value 2003 (USD’000)
Import Value 2004 (USD’000)
Import Value 2005 (USD’000)
Import Value 2006 (USD’000)
Import Value 2007 (USD’000)
Import Value 2008 (USD’000)
Import Value 2009 (USD’000)
Import Value 2010 (USD’000)
Import Value 2011 (USD’000)
Import Value 2012 (USD’000)
Import Value 2013 (USD’000)
Import Value 2014 (USD’000)
Import Value 2015 (USD’000)

UK Import Data of 15 Largest Products of 2015

As per the import data of United Kingdom, the country imported cars the most in the year 2015. This product was followed by electric & electronic equipment and mineral fuels, oils & distillation products. Here is the list of 15 largest import products of United Kingdom in which you would find the UK import data in a categorized form.

UK Import Category
2015 Import Value (USD'000)
2014 Import Value (USD'000)
Highest Import Value (USD'000)
2015 Top Exporter Country to UK (USD'000)
Imports of Cars
48691536 (Year 2015)
Germany (23,432,677)
Imports of Chapter 87
83600709 (Year 2007)
Germany (30973441)
Imports of Chapter 84
85515717 (Year 2014)
United States of America
Imports of Turbo-jets
16276728 (Year 2014)
United States of America
Imports of Chapter 85
64226268 (Year 2011)
China (13,747,518)
Imports of Chapter 27
95395963 (Year 2012)
Norway (16,139,388)
Imports of Crude Petroleum Oil
47915389 (Year 2012)
Norway (9,317,761)
Imports of Pharmaceutical Products
33727712 (Year 2014)
Germany (6,977,180)
Imports of Chapter 71
36832533 (Year 2013)
Canada (5,849,754)
Imports of Gold
20296211 (Year 2014)
Canada (5,041,780)
Imports of Chapter 90
19026017 (Year 2014)
United States of America (3287853)
Imports of Plastics
20129584 (Year 2014)
Germany (3,595,772)
Imports of Chapter 88
16978232 (Year 2014)
United States of America (8,321,689)
Imports of Aircrafts
11220454 (Year 2014)
United States of America (6,154,033)
Imports of Chapter 61
14045357 (Year 2014)
China (3,578,156)

Sample Data of UK Imports

Looking for a sample of UK imports? Want to buy import data of United Kingdom? Then, look at the two samples of United Kingdom trade of chapter 87 and chapter 84 below in which you would be able to understand which data fields are covered in the UK import data. This will also be able to know that how a reliable market research company provides the import data of any country that is based on the complete shipment records.

Sample 1 – Chapter 87

HS Code
Product Description
Vehicles for the transport of persons on snow, not with internal combustion piston engine; golf cars and simi
UK Importer Name
Electric Mobility Euro Ltd
Importer Address
Canal Way, Ilminster, Somerset, Ta19 9dl
Months of Import
Jan 2013, Feb 2013, Mar 2013, May 2013

Sample 2 – Chapter 84

HS Code
Product Description
Data-processing machines, automatic, portable, weighing <= 10 kg, consisting of at least a central processing
UK Importer Name
3C Technology Limited
Importer Address
Network House, Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, Colchester Essex, Co2 8la
Months of Import
Feb 2013, Mar 2013, May 2013

With no doubts, this trade report on UK imports 2015 has been created by a specialized team of Export Genius, who knows about how to fulfill the business requirements of its clients by providing the accurate import data of United Kingdom. Every trade figure mentioned here is taken from the UK customs so there is no fear of accessing any fake trade information. Our database team has done hard work in verifying the UK import statistics in order to provide you the genuine UK import data. 

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